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Our Values 


Inclusivity & Diversity

We are both a Minority and

Woman-Owned business and

nearly all employees are minorities.


ChefScape creates jobs in the community, trains staff for advancement, and lifts up recent immigrants. 


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Everyone is welcome to ChefScape as long as they are hardworking.

Our culture is a culture of Yes!

We encourage creative problem-solving at every level of our business.


Support Local Businesses
& Communities in Need

ChefScape utilizes small local businesses, where possible, as vendors and suppliers. 

We support the communities we serve thought a wide variety of methods, including through meals for food insecure populations. 

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Our Story

ChefScape was established six years ago as a modest 1,100 sq ft commissary kitchen in Ashburn, VA. After closely observing the needs of their members, the founders of ChefScape envisioned an ecosystem that would not only provide kitchen space but also offer support and opportunities for small entrepreneurs to grow and thrive.

Through strong partnerships and invaluable family support, ChefScape expanded in 2019 by opening a second location. This new facility featured a commissary kitchen, food hall, bar, event space, and marketplace, providing an ideal environment for new entrepreneurs to create and refine their food and beverage concepts.

In 2020, ChefScape developed a meal-prep program, which delivered more than 5.7 million meals to senior citizens in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic. This effort provided job opportunities for hundreds of workers in the food industry.

The following year, ChefScape reached another milestone by opening a fourth location at 116 West Houston Street in Soho. This location operates as a ghost kitchen, catering to more established food and beverage concepts and further expanding the ChefScape ecosystem.

In 2022, ChefScape continued to grow by opening a large-scale meal prep and high-volume co-packing production facility in Tribeca.

In 2023, ChefScape partnered with local non/profits to support less advantaged communities by producing and donating meals to food-insecure populations in NYC, contributing to the well-being of those in need. 

Today, ChefScape remains committed to growth and innovation in the food production industry. Staying true to its mission, the company persistently supports the success of new food entrepreneurs by exploring various opportunities within the culinary landscape.

Our Team

Founders Lorena Rivera and Rob Batchelder have taken ChefScape from a food truck start-up to one of the most well-respected meal providers in the NYC metro area. Their vision and diligence, combined with the dedication, high-volume production ability, and culinary expertise of executive chef Angel Sanchez have transformed ChefScape into a first-class meal company focusing on serving the underserved. 

Lorena moved to the USA from Colombia to pursue education and entrepreneurship. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Psychology, she co-founded ChefScape. She manages four locations in Manhattan and is committed to giving back to her community by providing food to those in need. Lorena strongly believes in empowering women and minority groups in NYC by providing them with jobs and business opportunities. She and ChefScape are committed to social responsibility and plan to expand their services and outreach nationwide.

Rob is a business graduate and visionary entrepreneur. He is deeply passionate about community service and has successfully expanded ChefScape, starting with a food truck and now managing multiple locations in New York City. Rob's mission is to use ChefScape's mass-production methods and capabilities to help more local food entrepreneurs, create job opportunities, and support communities in need.

Chef Angel Sanchez has always been passionate about food, and his successful career in the culinary industry reflects that. He started his journey at the age of 18 and has since worked with some of the most renowned chefs. With over twenty years of experience, Angel has held executive positions at top restaurants and even appeared on Iron Chef. Angel is excited to be a part of the ChefScape team, where he can make a meaningful difference in his community.

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