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Our Story

ChefScape was established six years ago as a modest 1,100 sq ft commissary kitchen in Ashburn, VA. After closely observing the needs of their members, the founders of ChefScape envisioned an ecosystem that would not only provide kitchen space but also offer support and opportunities for small entrepreneurs to grow and thrive.

Through strong partnerships and invaluable family support, ChefScape expanded in 2019 with the opening of a second location. This new facility featured a commissary kitchen, food hall, bar, event space, and marketplace, providing an ideal environment for new entrepreneurs to create and refine their food and beverage concepts.

In 2020, ChefScape took the initiative to develop a meal-prep program, which delivered more than 5.7 million meals to senior citizens in New York City during the Covid-19 pandemic. This effort provided job opportunities for hundreds of workers in the food industry.

The following year, ChefScape reached another milestone by opening a fourth location at 116 West Houston Street in Soho. This location operates as a ghost kitchen, catering to more established food and beverage concepts and further expanding the ChefScape ecosystem.

In 2022, ChefScape continued to grow by opening a large-scale meal prep and high-volume co-packing production facility in Tribeca.

Today, ChefScape remains committed to growth and innovation in the food production industry. Staying true to its mission, the company persistently supports the success of new food entrepreneurs by exploring various opportunities within the culinary landscape.

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