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Who We Are

We are a food business incubator housing up and coming local food & beverage businesses

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Vi Nguyen, Owner, KOVI

"ChefScape has given KOVI the opportunity to run a successful business through their knowledge and mentoring. They've given us all the tools necessary to grow our business and without ChefScape we would not have been able to accomplish our goals!"


James Grivas, Owner, Pauleen's

"Growing my business while collaborating with ChefScape has afforded me the opportunity to connect with multiple businesses and owners that I might not have had the pleasure of meeting otherwise. I am beyond grateful for ChefScape's ability to stay on the cutting edge of an ever changing industry."

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Jalapa Jar Team

"ChefScape understood that our space, time, & capacity needs would fluctuate - they were flexible & accommodating. We've been in several kitchens in the NYC area over the years and ChefScape at 180 Maiden Lane has the most to offer from management to space to accessibility & opportunity we've seen."