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  • What exactly does ChefScape do?
    ChefScape is a business incubator and ecosystem for the Food and Beverage Industry. We provide a platform for all types of food and beverage related businesses, to help them get off the ground and realize their dreams. In building our ChefScape vision, we recognized local businesses needed more than just a place to prepare their product. They needed a way to develop and grow their brand. After listening to members, we decided to create a Food Hall for our budding restauranteurs, a Market for our product producing members, and Event Space for classes, events and dinners.
  • Does ChefScape make its own food?
    Seems like an odd question, but it’s a good one! The short answer is no. ChefScape is an infrastructure and program platform for food businesses. We provide the brick-n-mortar, technology, marketing and educational support to help food entrepreneurs reach their full potential. We are home to many businesses including caterers, bakers, food trucks, product producers and budding as well as established restaurants.
  • How does the food hall, bar and market work?"
    Glad you asked! The Food Hall, Bar and Market is comprised of individual and completely independent business entities. They are carefully selected by ChefScape and work together to support each other and learn from one another. ChefScape meets on a weekly basis with our food hall and bar vendors to evaluate the pros and cons for ongoing improvement. Feedback from patrons is incredibly valuable and always taken seriously, as it’s the consumers taste, preference and palate that truly drive the food industry.
  • How often do the food hall vendors change?
    Our Food Hall Vendors are on a 6 month contract with the ability to renew based on consumer demand, various performance, and marketing and sales targets. The objective is to introduce fresh concepts on a regular basis, giving an opportunity for new businesses to introduce their culinary creations.
  • What does ChefScape's Ghost Kitchen have to offer?
    We are so excited to be opening our Ghost Kitchen this Spring! Our 8,000 sqft space has a lot to offer including retail space, private suite options, accessible loading dock, and storage space.
  • Can I come tour your kitchens and amenities?
    Of course you can! We are happy you are interested in our space. Please email We will get back to you as soon as possible and coordinate a date and time that works best for you.
  • How does the ChefScape membership work?
    Our membership is a one year agreement, that is flexible month-to-month. We understand that the Food Industry changes all the time. We cater to you monthly, based on your target and sales - so if more kitchen stations and storage is needed, we can adjust it and vice versa.
  • Can you tell me more about your month-to-month package plan?
    We offer a flexible month-to-month contract. Every month, a tenant buys a package that contains a certain amount of hours and storage needed for that specific month. We require a minimum of 20 hours a month.
  • How do I register as a ChefScape member and start using your kitchen space?
    Once you have toured our kitchen and have signed a membership agreement, the rest is done on Food Corridor, a shared kitchen booking system. You will need to create an account and from there, you will be able to do bookings, payments, and upload necessary documents to begin production.
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