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In 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, New York enlisted ChefScape to produce and deliver food to residents in need.


ChefScape devised a specialized meal program that adhered to stringent standards of quality and sanitation, crucial during a global pandemic.


Starting as a small project delivering 6,000 meals per week, it soon evolved into an extensive program producing and delivering over 5.7 million meals to New York citizens.


ChefScape possesses the necessary team, expertise, logistics, and infrastructure, all operating under the highest quality standards, to provide large-scale meal production, high-volume co-packing, shipping, and fulfillment services.


With a small yet highly efficient management team, we can execute and rapidly scale up without the constraint of excessive decision-makers. 


We increase scale by utilizing our experienced management team, multiple facilities, and expedited inclusive hiring practices. 

Network Of Facilities 

We can establish new locations in under a month through our broad network of contacts in the food industry.

Large Scale Meal Prep

In addition to preparation and distribution,  ChefScape provides professional assistance with recipes, menu creations, nutritional tables, and cost evaluation.   

Lunch box. Takeaway, box diet with delivery. Appetizing nutritious dish in a balanced diet

High Volume Co-Packing

Excecuted with Productivity, Efficiency, and Capacity.

Confectionery factory workers in white coats collecting freshly baked pastry into paper bo

Fulfillment & Shipping 

Packaging, Labeling, and Carrier Coordination.

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