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Our Work

We Support New Food Entrepreneurs, Women Owned Business, 

Minority groups, And Communities in Need. 


Helping Communities In Need

Rethink Food Project 

10 Million + Meals

Sustainably & Equitably

Provided To Communities in Need 

Women Owed Business

Allie´s Banana Bread Project

Allie and ChefScape have been collaborating since 2019. We provide kitchen space, business support, and production assistance to this incredible women-owned business initiative. "The bread is outstanding, the baker is gorgeous, the recipe is secret." LETS GET THIS BREAT! 


Supporing Food Entrepreneurs


Jalapa Jar Project 

 Jalapa Jar and ChefScape have been collaborating since 2019, offering both kitchen and business support. It has been a gratifying experience to witness their growth, ultimately leading to the opening of their very own production facility. "Hey, if we can make it here in New York, we can make it anywhere."

Helping New York During the 2020 Covid19 - Pandemic

7 Million + Meals produced and delivered to seniors in New York City during the global pandemic. 

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